Budapest Festival Orchestra (BFO) Integrated CRM system

Budapest Festival Orchestra (BFO) Integrated CRM system


About Budapest Festival Orchestra

Founded 35 years ago by Ivan Fischer and Zoltan Kocsis World famous, owner of several awards Listed among top 10 orchestras worldwide

The challenge

Create a system that is much more user-friendly, faster and customizable for Budapest Festival Orchestra’s specific needs than a well-known CRM-system they used before, has sophisticated analytics and still affordable. Create a database with single-view customer profiles, develop e-newsletter engine, design new, multi-level loyalty program.

The solution

Following a full-scope CRM-Audit specified and developed the culture-specific, cloud-based CRM system launched in February 2017, integrated with new website and ticketing. Loyalty module Introduced since then. Pilot cooperation – master user on board.

Win Results

Exponentially grown CTR and open rate of newsletters:

Since the introduction of the Context Matrix Emailer module the average newsletter click through rate has grown with 42% and the average open rate is over 50%. Furthermore positive feedback from audience on increased quality of newsletters.

Customer Value Meter developed for customer:

On specific customer request the module was developed to define the value of customers based on most important, weighted KPIs to identify key contributors and learn how they relate to others. Key tool for them in donations and membership rewarding, as well as segmentation and targeting.

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