Museum of Fine Arts Budapest

Museum of Fine Arts Budapest


About the Museum of Fine Arts Budapes

Opened in 1906, is reputed to be among Europe’s most prominent museums and #1 fine art museum in Hungary. After the most comprehensive reconstruction project in its history, the museum reopened at the end of 2018. The number of artworks found in the museum today exceeds 120 thousand.

The challenge

Following the re-opening, the museum has rolled out its new customer strategy that has high focus on the audience and on having data-driven dialogue with them. The need was a solution that further to providing all customer data in one place, handles membership-, volunteer- and supporter programs and has a flexible and integrated communication tool for newsletters.

The solution

Following a detailed data-audit, we have set-up the customized system in net 5 weeks including data import (including deduplication and cleansing), data-source integrations (various websites and later ticketing) and testing/training.

Win Results

Excellent result in database unification and cleansing:

Excellent result in database unification and cleansing: Several databases and customer records were stored and handled differently in the institution. Following the data import, data has been deduplicated, cleansed, tagged and structured – all according to GDPR regulations. Final database record number is about 10 thousand.

Newsletter click-through rate doubled:

Following the launch of Content Matrix Emailer module that creates personally individualized content based on fine target audience segmentation, the opening rate of newsletters was above 40% and already the second newsletter has achieved double click-through rate versus previous statistics.


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